Amplifying a headphone program with video.

Role: Art Direction, Design


A team of occupational health and safety professionals were looking for help promoting a new headphone program for operations employees. Previous written attempts to raise awareness of the program had fallen flat, and they were now looking to video to promote the message.

The Goal

The goal was to raise employee awareness about the program and to drive an increase in participation. The video needed to be eye catching, but still deliver nuanced information in a visually and audibly noisy environment.

The Approach

We approached the project producing a single live action video with a blend of 3D and 2D motion graphics. Live action enabled a story to be told without relying on audio in case environmental noise prevented watchers from hearing audio. Motion graphics created energy and opportunities to highlight program workings in an eye catching way. The program had predetermined colors, which we used to create higher contrast ratios for on screen text for accessibility and legibility from increased distances.

The Result

The final piece was pushed through email, apps, social, and digital signage along with static companion materials. An on-screen CTA with scannable QR codes and URLs allowed viewers to take action immediately, without needing to watch the entire video. The program saw rapid adoption within weeks of launch.

Some key moments:

An animated GIF showing a man pointing to his ear and transitioning to 3D motion graphics
An animate gif of 3D headphones and product features written on screen

A few style frames provided to the post production team for animation: